The Social Adventures of Ellie

A Children’s Book Series to bring awareness an understanding to the social world from a child’s perspective.



What is it?

The Social Adventures of Ellie is an elementary aged book series that helps children understand the ins and outs of the social world. The book is a visual hands on tool that helps children learn and understand some of life’s tough lessons. In the book series we can see what Ellie is thinking and she discusses what she is feeling. We will also see Ellie develop friendships and relationships with her family and sibling. This book series will help children to understand the connection of our thoughts and feelings to the social world.

What’s in it for them?

At the end of every book there will be visual tools, a discussion and answer guide, and a way to dive deeper if your child is having a hard time understanding the concepts. Throughout the book there will be teachable moments that will help the parent or professionals explain important tools and concepts from the book.

How does it help?

The book is a tool that teaches children in a creative way the abstract nature of the social world. It can be used as a teaching tool at home, in the therapy room or classroom.

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