Jaime Rivetts



Meet Jaime


Why do I want to work with kids and more importantly why should I work with your family?

Here is my story and my passion behind my choice in career.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to be around kids and more importantly help kids that needed more help than others. I started volunteering at Children’s Hospital in Seattle when I was in High School. I would visit the kids that were sick and undergoing treatment and take them places around the hospital so that they could feel like a “normal kid.” It bothered me to my core that these children were treated differently and excluded from everyday child activities. I continued my passion of working with kids in college when I was trained as an in home behavior therapist for severely challenged children. My job was to provide respite and support to families in need but most importantly make these children’s lives easier. After receiving my undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Washington I received my Master’s of Science in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism at the University of Kansas in 2004. At the time, Kansas was the number one school in the country for graduate programs in Special Education. Following graduation, I worked at Michelle Garcia Winner’s Center for Social Thinking in San Jose, CA as a clinician running groups, individual sessions and collaborating with school districts. Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP-CCC is the leading expert in the field of social learning challenges and has trade-marked social thinking as an intervention approach.


After California, I moved to the Wood River Valley in 2007 in order to be closer to family. I worked for 3 years at Michelle’s clinic and started working for the Lee Pesky Learning Center in February of 2008. As a social learning specialist, I founded the Social Cognitive Intervention Program in conjunction with Lee Pesky Learning Center. From 2008 to 2012, I ran the program for the center for 4 years, during this time I also held a management position.

Currently, I am the executive director and founder of Idaho Social Learning Center. ISLC was founded in 2012 and I have been in private practice helping families with the social world for the past 15 years. I am deeply passionate about helping children and families find their place in the social world. I believe no child should fee left out or alone. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from a parent “my child has NEVER been invited to a birthday party.” This should not happen! Let me help you understand the social world and help your child or teen connect with others. Do the following questions resonate with you? If so please reach out to me! I am here for you!

Are you worried about your child’s behaviors?

Are you worried they are not fitting in with their peers?

Do you pull your hair out at home because they are disruptive to the family and others?


“ Jaime’s weekly videos and resources give me a reminder of what I can/need to do or how I can approach a situation differently. I’ve used many of the resources and book suggestions in my classroom and have had success each time. If you’re looking for a great resource for your classroom or in your personal life, Parents and Pro’s Monthly Membership Club is the place to find it. Thank you for the tips, tricks and reminders, Jaime!” 5th grade teacher