1:1 Personalized Social Coaching

I will work with you and your family on where you are. I will help you improve stability in your home and at school. We will work together to create PEACE and HARMONY in your life for your family. We will look at your child’s unique social relationships and work together in order to TRANSFORM them into healthy stable social relationships.


What's Included:

  • 12 Weekly 60 Minute consult meetings with either you as the parent,1:1 sessions with the child, or weekly meetings with the school team ($1440 value)

  • YOU and I work together to individualize the best plan of action - the 12 sessions can be a combination of your choosing, i.e. alternate between 1:1 sessions with your child and meetings with me

  • Your child can have weekly access to a social learning group if applicable for the 3 month period. If a group is not open at the time of the program we will allow them to participate in a group once it is available. ($720 value)

  • Full Email Access to Keep the Momentum Going Between meetings

  • A full year of access to the parent’s monthly members club ($500 yearly membership)

  • 3 intense days of observations at home and/or school in order to gather data to build supports ( $2250)

  • Last day of the 3 day intensive support is interventions that we put into place at home and/or school

  • A plan of action for support - 3 measurable goals that can be put into action at home or school

  • Parent’s toolkit - a toolbox to help you get started and to answer any immediate questions or concerns you might have based on the 3 goals we create

  • Individualized support at HOME and/or SCHOOL to meet your families needs

  • Monthly check ins for a YEAR so that the growth and impact continues to develop

Who is this for?

If you are ready to make BIG changes with your family and the relationship with your child then this is the program for you!

This is for you if you have tried other ways to support them AND nothing has worked.

You are ready to dive deep into what is going on with your child at home, school, and the social world.

There is nothing like this available. I truly believe every child is different and this program allows us to dive deep into your child and families needs.

Cost of the program is 3 monthly payments of $1667

Our 5 Step Strategy Plan

1. Understanding your child’s strengths and challenges and how their brain works in multiple social contexts.

  • Grow your mindset and understanding as a parent   

  • Gather all the appropriate information via observations in multiple environments, read appropriate reports and materials, and discuss at length with the family and teachers your child’s current level

  • Dissect your child’s social mind for maximum understanding

2. Create goals and a plan of action for your child in order to make a positive impact

  • 3 goals will be made as a collaborative team

  • We will develop a plan of action for implementation - the “what” we are going to do to help improve everyone’s lives and relationships

  • Full family involvement - all parents and family members included in the transformative process

3. Develop and implement tools and supports to help your child in multiple social environments

  • Visual and hands on supports and tools for home or school

  • Flexibility to change tools and supports as needed

  • Accountability so the tools and supports get maximized

4. Support and guidance so the tools make a long term positive impact and a huge transformation

  • Fine tuning the plan of action as needed

  • Hands on help and guidance by a trained professional

  • Weekly meetings to continue the education and support - the type and location of meetings can be of your choosing

  • Continue to grow your child’s social mind

5. Follow up and Communication for a full year so the transformation continues

  • Monthly check-ins after program completion via email and phone or zoom video

  • I’ve got your back! You won’t go through this transformation alone we are a TEAM

*Enrollment and completion of the program does not guarantee a specific outcome. Each child is unique and success is based on their cognitive and social abilities as well as the involvement of the family.