Social and Behavioral Therapy Summer Camps - Teen Leadership Needed!

  • Are you tired of your teen having nothing to do in the summer?

  • Do you want them to develop job related skills and leadership qualities?

  • Are you annoyed with the lack of job opportunities for your teen?

  • Do your teens mope around the house and watch netflix ALL summer long?

  • Do you want them to learn how negative and positive behaviors can impact others?

If you are nodding yes to these questions then the Tweens and Teen Summer Social Leadership Camp is for you and your family!

Here is how it works…..

Idaho Social Learning Center and Integrative Therapeutic Connections is running a half day therapeutic summer camp for elementary and middle school students.

Your son or daughter will become the support staff/teaching assistant. Before the camps start they have a 1:1 individualized Social Learning Session to discuss their role at the camp. How can they help? What qualities will be important as a leader? They will develop goals that will help guide them through the week.

The target age range for leadership staff is 13yrs old to young adult

At the end of the week they will have a 1:1 session to debrief and discuss the week. What have they learned?

After each camp day they will have a feedback form from a professional.  Through this process they will learn about challenging behaviors from their own point of view and this will help them grow their understanding of their own behaviors.

The goal of the week is to help them build LEADERSHIP skills, JOB related skills, and SELF AWARENESS in relation to the social world.

Each camp only has TWO Teen leadership spots. I am offering this to my current clients FIRST and then I will be offering it to past clients and the general public. The cost of the camp for the week is $325 and that includes 2- 1:1 session with Jaime ($240 value) and daily feedback with professional staff. ($150 value)

The dates and times of the camps are as follows:

Week 1:

June 24-28th

Week 2:

July 8-12th

Week 3:

July 15-19th

Week 4:

July 22-26th


*We may add a camp the first week in August if there is high enrollment 

If you are interested please apply today, so I can hold your spot. I will open this up to more people in the coming weeks. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!