Social Skills in a Box!

A Quarterly Subscription Box of Social Skill Activities and Products to Assist Your Child Develop Their Skills


What is it?

An in home program designed to help parents facilitate further understanding and learning of the social world. The boxes will be based off of CASEL’s 5 pillars for social emotional learning.

Where do I start?

Before starting the program you will receive a 5 point rubric system to help you gauge your child’s current level of social emotional learning.

What’s in it for them?

The boxes will help teach children the ins and outs of the complicated social world. Each box will contain specific activities, games and hands on activities to foster development in the area of social emotional learning.

How does it help?

Learning about the social world is an innate and intuitive process that begins at birth. These activities will help families assist in the development of these skills that take time and effort to learn and develop. If your children has a learning challenge then you will be able to modify their learning trajectory based on the standardized rubric.

Stay tuned for the launch - COMING FALL 2019

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