Parent’s & Pro’s Monthly Members Club

Run and taught by Jaime Rivetts MS Ed Social Learning Specialist and Executive Director of Idaho Social Learning Center



Have you been searching for answers to help support your child or student with no luck?

Are you looking for a way to have more access to my support, and the support of other professionals, but on your own time?

Have you tried seeing multiple types of counselors, talked to your Dr. and searched the internet with no answers that work for you?????

If you’re nodding and saying yes then this is for you!

You’re ready for this monthly program if...

  • You are ready to follow a simple plan to mindfully parent or teach your spirited, sensitive, gifted, unique or strong willed child.

  • You’d love a more personal experience from experts and more HELP at home or in the classroom

  • You realize your current path isn’t improving your child’s or student’s behavior, your relationship, or helping with their feelings, as much as it could

  • You want easy-to-follow guidance from a professional who knows exactly what you need, and understand what you are going through.

  • You have books lying around your house or desk and you can’t find the motivation or the time to read them

  • You’ve tried to do new things at home with your family or your classroom but they haven’t worked and don’t change things in the long run

  • Life is chaotic and hectic and you want simple easy to use solutions that won’t take a lot of time to implement

  • You can dedicate 20-30 minutes a week to improving your ability to parent or be a better professional

  • You don’t have time to waste on no win techniques that don’t work in the long term (yelling, threats, timeouts, etc)


“ Jaime’s weekly videos and resources give me a reminder of what I can/need to do or how I can approach a situation differently. I’ve used many of the resources and book suggestions in my classroom and have had success each time. If you’re looking for a great resource for your classroom or in your personal life, Parents and Pro’s Monthly Membership Club is the place to find it. Thank you for the tips, tricks and reminders, Jaime!” 5th grade teacher


Here’s how it’ll work…

Each month there will be a theme so you can work on a specific challenge or develop a new skill in your family or with your student’s. I will ask at the beginning of the month for feedback and input for the monthly theme. It could include something like “getting along better with siblings” or “I want to learn more tips on help managing our time with electronics better” or “What do I do when my child or student is refusing to do school work?”...... just to name a few.

Here is what we will do each month week by week.

- Week 1: I will teach you via live video feed a core strategy of YOUR choosing to implement at home or school AND sometimes a guest expert will be joining us (10-15 minute videos) If you watch the feed live you can ask Q and A. If you can’t watch if live it will be recorded and you can access it at ANYTIME.

- Week 2, You will be given a “Social Challenge”  which is an easy fun activity, worksheet, or challenge to help you use your new skill with your family with my support. Group members can share how it is or isn’t working for them yet and you will have a community of support and guidance.

- Week 3, I will give you a presentation, article, book, or online resource, that will help reinforces your new skill. We will continue to grow our mindset and understanding of this valuable skill.

- Week 4: I will do a live question and answer call (Answer what has or hasn’t worked with strategy or personalize the strategy for your family or student’s needs). You can also email me questions beforehand or post in the group. I will address all of these questions to the best of my ability in week 4.

You may post questions, concerns, comments and any point in time to receive feedback and support from other parents or members .

BONUS MATERIAL: Also included in this monthly club is one more valuable resource. We will pick a book to read quarterly and discuss as a group. We will vote on which book fits the group best at the start of the quarter. You may pick up the book to read at anytime and join the discussion. Some books could include iRules (managing technology for kids) The Explosive Child by Dr. Ross Greene, or The Out of Sync Child to name a few. The choices are endless and I will read or re-read the book along with you.

Each month I will send out a survey to help make sure this is THE BEST group you have every been a part of.

You may do this all anonymously or you can be yourself. Either way you feel comfortable.

The whole time you get access to the club – an interactive, friendly place online where you can post comments, share successes and frustrations, and get support from parents or professionals just like you.

Your participation and feedback is very important to me. We’ll make changes as we grow and gain new ideas together–from you and the other Founding Members–to make this group, YOUR group.

You can cancel at anytime, and if it’s during the first 30-days we will give you a full refund.

If you’re nodding and saying yes then this is for you!

Founder’s price is $47 a month.